Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today's Tom Toles

Lots of traveling Estadoünidense claim to be Canadian; you could try that!


pj said...

Um, Kraft Dinner! I'm sitting aboot the hoose. Eh? Neil Peart is the greatest drummer ever.

(How am I doing?)

Juan Carlos said...

Everyone despises this deadly moron/eviltwit...I think he ought to call his former cabinet/advisors war-mongering/murderous buds up and have a little light lunch/target practice amongst themselves in the East Room...they can pretend they are shooting blanks...not to worry, they won't hit anything anyway because they've never actually been trained, or experienced in combat and are fully incompetant in ALL THAT THEY DO...loss is for other peoples children and families somewhere in the Middle East...and they still won't admit wrong...sick, sick, sick.

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