Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Eve Drawings of a Humorous Political Nature

Well, let me be honest with you all: Do you know what Padre Mickey is hoping for tomorrow? He's hoping that the Republican party is crushed into the dust and that they join their ancestors the Whig Party in the Ash Heap of History. I don't want to see another Republican elected to any office higher than that of dog sniffer for the next twenty years. Lord Hear My Prayer!!!


Tara Mobley said...

Lord, hear our prayer.

Paul said...

Soy de acuerdo. Óyenos, Señor.

eileen said...

Thank Jeebus you had these up here, cuz my 11 yo needed a political cartoon re: the presidential election for a social studies know..he tells me AFTER the campaigs are over.

Me and Jake...we thank you. Thankyouvermuch.

I See You!

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