Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting Ready For Tomorrow

Tomorrow Parroquia San Cristóbal will be celebrating Thanksgiving, so today the Altar Guild was decorating the church. The Lovely Mona is a member of the Altar Guild and took these great photos.

The ladies were a bit sad, as they are usually able to fill the entire area in front of the altar with fresh vegetables and fruits, but the increase in cost of food is through the roof! Usually they spend about $35.00 for lots of fruit and vegetables, but this year they spent $50.00 and it was not as much as they expected. All the fruit and vegetables will be given to the poor after the service tomorrow.

Mrs. Clara Edwards putting grapes in a cornucopia.

Mrs. Cynthia Correa at work

A basket of fruit (¡Piñas! ¡Yum!)

The altar display

Mrs. Ula Bennett and Mrs. Rachel Weeks take a break

Roxanna Olton fastening ferns


View as one enters the church


Jane R said...

Beautiful, Padre Mickey. The ladies did a lovely job.

I'm aware of how the cost of food has risen here too; it is affecting my Thanksgiving food preparations even though I am only bringing one course to the dinner I am attending Thursday. Your post reminds us that the economic conditions are crunching everyone, including people whose incomes and conditions are more squeezed than ours, and outside the U.S.

What has not changed is the ladies of San Cristóbal's capacity to make beauty to the glory of God, and the parish's commitment to feeding the poor. I give thanks for your (and I mean your, plural) ministry! Thanks to the Lovely Mona for the pictures of art in action.

FranIAm said...

I am so moved by this. I love that so much clear loving care is put into this by the women of your church. And by Lovely Mona's lovely photos!

It is telling - the cost of food, as you said, as Jane echoes, is really a problem everywhere.

Your church is so inviting. I wish I could come to Panama for a visit. One day, one day...

David |Dah • veed| said...

I can relate to the increases in prices. The peso is 13.79 to the dollar today. For years it hovered around 10 to 1.

The other day I went grocery shopping. I buy almost to the item the same thing every two weeks. My bill which for the past couple of years was around MX$850.00 to 900.00 was MX$1264.00!

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