Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hoy en la Parroquia San Cristóbal

Today the Bishop of the Diocese of Panamá, the Rt. Rev. Julio E. Murray Th. visited San Cristóbal. It was a long service, probably over two and a half hours (I'm just guessing, but I don't think I'm far off) but, as always, it was a joyous occasion. We had five baptisms (only one baby; the other four were jóvenes!), five confirmations (including Mrs. Jordan, whose story I mentioned in the post below), and ten First Communions. We've never done the First Communion Thang before, but it went well. On these occasions we hold a single, bilingual service at 9:00 am rather than our usual schedule of a Choral Eucharist in English at 7:30 am and la Misa en español a las 10:30 am, so our usual musicians (except for that bassist) were unable to play. Profesora Katia Medina from Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal played guitar and led the band, and Marcus played drums (Ricky Staples is in the U.S.A. right now, visiting family. He may be back by Thanksgiving). Katia and Marcus are part of that circle of musicians with whom I've been playing since coming to Panamá. Mr. Percival Thomas, our Director of Music and Liturgy, returned from his trip to the U.S. last week, and he served as organist on the final hymn. Our Youth Choir sang a canon en español for the Gradual and also sang the Offertory Anthem, but since both the Lovely Mona and I were involved in that and forgot to hand the camera off to anyone, we have no photos of the Youth Choir. They were great, though!

The church was packed. In fact, it was three-quarters filled around 8:30, with all the families of those to be baptized, confirmed, and having their First Communion. We've had overflowing crowds at the 7:30 am service for the past few weeks, which makes me glad. Next Sunday will be huge, too, when we celebrate Harvest Thanksgiving and hold our Parish Thanksgiving luncheon after the service.

Here are the photos:

Before the service


Families of the Baptizands

Laura and her presenter

Waiting for the procession

La Misa


Censing the Altar

El Congregación

Laura reads the first lesson

Los Padres read the Gospel

El Obispo y los Candidatos



The Holy Eucharist

Blessing gifts of food for the Poor

Blessing the monetary offering

First Communion

Birthday Blessings

Blessings for Travelers

Profesora Patricia Lewis, Director of IESC and member of the Vestry of San Cristóbal, gives the announcements

Bendición Final


Padre y Katia


Mr. Thomas

Musicians watching the baptisms


Matty Boy said...

Gotta hand it to the Anglicans. You folks sure got the ritual stuff down.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Ritual? That was worship at usual with visiting Bishop...we normally get much more carried away...the whole lovely service seemed modest and especially gracious, welcoming and charming and very happy to me.

Jane R said...

Ritual R us. And we loves our bishops dressed in red (though the pointy hats are weird) -- and Mickey's beautiful people of God.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre, how beautiful. It looks like a glorious and joyful celebration.

Gracias a Dios!

KJ said...


Padre Mickey said...

kj! Dance Party Queen Emeritus!! Where the hell have you been? Welcome Home!!!!!

I See You!

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