Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hey! Californians! No on Eight!

Don't the Mormons in this spot look a little, er, fey?


Fred Schwartz said...

Let's see take someones rights away or feed a bunch of hungry people for $20 million. Sure glad the LDS Church folks made the right choice!

Cany said...

No kidding, Fred. No kidding.

They have a site where you can look up donors, and by George, my LDS neighbor donated $155.61 to the yes side. Now I will have to up my donation to match his but to the no folks.

I just love this family so much. They adopted two of my cats and recently a rescue dog, I taught their son and daughter piano... I have known them for years and they are wonderful people. It is hard to understand, for me, how they could support this.

I will love them anyway, but it makes me very sad. One of their daughters worked most recently with a male hairdresser friend of mine who was gay. I assume, but do not know, if she knew that. But he died of HIV recently, so that should have been a clue.

I wonder if she--married to an Evangelical Christian, not a Mormon--will vote the same way. I think she will, but pray she will not.

Then I have a rabid Evangelical up the street--also a wonderful family that I adore--and he took me to task over my Obama sticker. We have had a lot of conversations over the years about God. He looked very disappointed, if you will, in me. I told him straight out that Sarah Palin scared the hell out of me, that I don't like McCain's policies (any of them), and that I believed theocracy belonged in text books not enacted. I then launched into the whys of Obama's policies (I am an uninsurable cancer survivor so healthcare is critical for me, and my long time partner is a diabetic, also uninsurable), including in that energy policy which I told him that quite honestly while Obama's was better, it was still way off the mark. I talked about taxes, foreign policy, the war...

In the end, I made it VERY clear that there was NO way I could vote for McCain Palin under ANY circumstances and absent Obama, I would be voting for Nader.

I also have my no on 8 sign outside... which he didn't even bring up. That would have been sparks and fire, no doubt:)

Paul said...

Well, yes, padre, those boys do. As though terrorizing lesbians was a way to mask their entry into gay households to search the guys' bedrooms (probably for marital aids and leather goods instead of marriage certificates).

When I was in Utah I thought those young Mormon husbands looked delicious. And jes' cuz yer married don't mean ya ain't queer. Which is probably why they are so threatened. It is a matter of dogma that they must reproduce plentifully to provide bodies for pre-existent souls waiting for their chance to progress toward godhood. We non-breeders just don't fit that program too well.

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