Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hoy en la Parroquia San Cristóbal

Today was the second in-gathering for the United Thank Offering. The UTO is a big deal here in Panama (and throughout Central America) because it was through the generosity of the UTO that many of our churches were built. I like the UTO, too, because they give all the missionaries a gift every year, and it really helps, let me tell you!

Our parish was decorated in blue and white, the UTO colours. When we came into the church today, we all received blue and white crosses, which we all wore during the service. We had lots of visitors from the U.S.A. this week as we are in the midst of our national holidays, so there were lots of people standing at the altar rail when I gave the blessing for travelers.

The Altar Guild held a bake-sale today, too, so there was lots of activity on the patio during the eighth sacrament of the Episcopal Church, the Coffee Hour. The Lovely Mona made a chocolate cake, but she is famous for her pumpkin bread, so there was some disappointment due to the lack of said bread. However, the bake-sale went very well, and I was happy 'cuz I got dos empanadas de pollo y dos empanadas de carne. Now THAT'S a cowboy breakfast!


This is the St. Christopher's UTO banner. It's extra cool 'cuz the letters U T and O look like molas.

UTO decorations

Padre smoking da place up wit dat incense!


Mandatory Mrs. Doyle photo. She is always in charge of the money box.


Lindy said...

What beautiful people. I'm glad you had a good day.

hardscrabble in kabul said...

hey Padre Michael, thanks for writing on my blog! That bake sale looks fantabulous indeed. I can't wait to return to Panamá, but we'll all has to do with a little thing called la plata. I'm feeling optimistic after writing some bang-up grant applications - and I'm SO happy that Obama won, of course. I think it's the greatest thing ever, and everyone (except for some angry neocons and fundies) seems to agree. The US feels a lot better - there's a sort of hopeful relief thing going on here, a collective sigh and promise not to be so terrible in the future. This may be twee, but there's some love goin' around. I'm sure you'd dig it! When are you and TLM (The Lovely Mona) coming for a US visit? Hope all's well, and I'm glad that St. Christopher's had a celebration to mark this historic moment in the civil rights struggle - con cariño, Katie

Mary Beth said...

You know, I love the UTO also. I just went over to my shelf and took down my UTO "mite box" and put it where I can actually see and use it.

So thank you!

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