Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Random Ten

Running a bit late today; we had a big funeral at 11:00 and it ran for almost two hours! So, now I'm catching up with the Friday stuff. Here's the list:
1. Sixteen The Buzzcocks
2. Motel Matches Elvis Costello
3. In Loving Memory Of a Name XTC
4. In Sempiterna Saecula. Amen. (Rossini) Christoph Spering
5. Big Green Country Neil Young and Crazy Horse
6. Scatter Gun Ramones
7. Starry Eyes Rocky Erickson
8. Versus et Responsorium (Monteverdi) Taverner Consort
9. Swimsuit Issue Sonic Youth
10. Bust Outkast

I enjoyed listening to this stuff in the background while Padre Nelson and I discussed the funeral plans. Right after the tenth song, the shuffle selected Jilted John by Jilted John. Padre Nelson asked, "is he saying bad words?" I had to admit that, at the very least, what Mr. John was saying was Not Very Nice.

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