Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Word From The Management

The Management has been forced to put all comments on moderation. For this we are truly sorry. A Certain Person from White Plains, New York, has decided that God has called him to fill our comments with boring essays. For this we are truly sorry. It appears that the Prophet of White Plains believes that putting mitres on toys and posing them for photos and then posting said photos on the internet serves as advocacy of the Gay Agenda (those of you unfamiliar with the Gay Agenda may read about it here). We have no idea how the person came to this conclusion, and for that we are truly sorry. The Prophet of White Plains as also decided that Padre Mickey's Dance Party supports promiscuous, un-protected gay sex (apparently promiscuous, un-protected heterosexual sex is alright with the prophet). As far as the Management can tell, we have yet to promote sex of any kind and it hasn't really been a topic of discussion here. We do apologise for that time when we thought that STD stood for Super Talented Dancers rather than Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and for that we are extremely sorry and, frankly, quite embarrassed. It's a shame that we must put up a post like this, and, for that, we are very, very, sorry. We are not sorry, however, for supporting and loving our gay brothers and sisters. We will not apologise for being the persons God calls us to be. The Prophet of White Plains seems to believe that Christ calls us to warn against gay sex rather than spread the Good News of forgiveness of sins and the coming of the Reign of God, and for his confusion, we are truly sorry.

We also apologise to anyone who found this site while googling "Filthy Dog Toys Dressed Like Bishops."
For that, we are truly sorry.

However, I still refuse to apologise for voting for perennial Communist Party candidate Gus Hall in the 1976 presidential election. I was testing to see if my vote was really secret. And for that, I am not sorry at all.


PseudoPiskie said...

We all need to pray for this person. No, no, no. Nicely, folks. And for our good padre who doesn't deserve virtual vitriol from someone who has never understood what Jesus tried to teach. Yet.

Matthew Hubbard said...

So that whole voting for Gus Hall thing... what were the results of that experiment?

Have you tried repeating the experiment?

Mike Farley said...

Grim when that happens, isn't it?

Even on The Mercy Blog I had to enable comment moderation when I was targeted by a very strange individual with some - er, unique - theological perspectives. What worried me was that he thought mine would be a congenial blog to post his extravaganzas. H'mm. Not sure I want to think too deeply in that direction...

But seriously - keep up the good work, Padre, and don't stop spreading that Good News you mention!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry this person has wasted so much of your time and made you so sorry.


Er...I'm sorry..that just slipped out...

Anonymous said...

Padre Mickey, it is for me to be sorry, sorry, sorry; this is probably all my fault, because I asked a rather pointed question about the rather interesting juxtaposition of Bp Bunrab and Bp Egyptian Hippo of Love in the group portrait, which question might have been the trigger that started a susceptible reader thinking about that topic which we at the Dance Party actually never, ever think about, namely, s-x. For this I am very, very sorry indeed and I can only promise never again to step over that line and tempt anybody to go off on a mad rant against little doll figures dressed up in costumes and the brilliant impresario who enables them to put on their uplifting devotional dramas on a weekly basis.

I am very, very sorry about this, and I am very, very sorry that you have had to enable comment monitoring, but I am not sorry for how many times I have rolled on the floor laffing at these stories.

KJ said...

That's just silly! A real prophet would know that miters on plastic toys could only be the product of heterosexual shtick.

Anonymous said...

I confess, I'm a sexually oriented pointalist...I've know it most of my life, I'm known for it (sometimes more than othertimes), I'm paid for it and I enjoy every minute of it and I don't feel as if I've sodomgomorized myself...and, for your information:

I just pointalized (for eternity) an Archangel who was very well received in a very wealthy Christian home (they seem nice) even though I didn't get all-to-the-point pointy and paint in the face of the Prez of U.S. (down in the bottom where the devil usually goes)...I know San Miguel is displeased with Bush, but I resisted being judgmental to the max...anyhow, I've confessed, I did it, I'm a perveyor of dot and run according to the re-elect Akinola Christian Church Gang(sters) of Nigeria...I'll take the blame (credit). Akinola lost because of God and me painting dots in my dottiness...when one paints Archangeles "on duty" I wouldn't suggest smearing the artista de cuadras...Archangels hate smear campaigns when being immortalized by their dotty dotters (sexual orientation not relevant).

Vincent Von Blog

Anonymous said...

Do you mean, and I really mean, do you mean that Bishop Bunrab isn't a transexual? Where did I got wrong? Why did I fall for this lie? I ought never have sent my $2,400,235.00 to Bishop Bunrabs fund raising evento for The Christine Jorgenson Foundation (and out-patience clinic).


I love it here in wherever we are even if it's non about sex (I didn't know...silly me).

Lovely Leonardo Ricardo

Dennis said...

So of course I had to Google "Filthy Dog Toys Dressed Like Bishops" and lo-and-behold, this site DID come up at the top of the page (seriously, no kidding)

So, when people start searching online for "Filthy Dog Toys Dressed Like Bishops" you will be soooooooo famous.

it could happen!

Saint Pat said...

I cruise for "Filthy Dog Toys Dressed Like Bishops" on the Internet almost every day. However, I never, ever think about s-x, since I'm not married and that would be lusting in my heart. Padre Mickey, if I get married, can I think about it all time?

By the way, you are tagged with the 5 Things I Love About Jesus meme:

1. Those tagged will share 5 Things They Dig About Jesus.
2. Those tagged will tag 5 people.
3. Those tagged will leave a link to their meme in the comments section of this post so everyone can keep track of what's being posted.

Turnabout is fair play! Bwa-hahhaha

Janis Bland said...

So sorry, this struck me as quite Pythonesque. :) Good on ya, Padre. (Though I'm sorry I missed the Prophet's posts. Such are always good for a laugh.)

June Butler said...

I managed to eavesdrop on two of the long boring screeds. All you who were left out, you missed nothing that was worth giving attention to.

Padre, I am so sorry that you had to resort to moderation because of such an annoyance. But I am not sorry that I will still read your blog, even though it requires great patience on my part to have to wait to see my brilliant comments posted and not be able to see them up there immediately. You can't know what that costs me. However, I don't blame you - not one little bit.

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