Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tonight at Iglesia Episcopal San Francisco de Asís

Tonight el Coro de los Jovenes de Parroquia San Cristóbal performed at a fund raiser for the Campamento de niños pequeños (Little Children Camp Program) at la Iglesia Episcopal San Francisco de Asís en Cerro Viento, Panamá. I was sad because several of the acts canceled just before the program. We didn't, of course. The first act was called Cultura Nueva (New Culture) and they were a Christian Reggae/Rap band. They were excellent! One member used to play bass with DCM, a band from San Francisco de Asís. For some reason, this guy always borrows my equipment! Tonight he used my acoustic guitar! I'm not sure what this guy would do if I didn't show up! But they are really a great band! The drummer is really good (remember, I play regularly with Ricardo Staples, one of the best drummers in Panamá)!
My Pal Revdo. Stanny Yoris, formally of the Diocese of Oklahoma, but retired in Panamá, and priest in charge of San Francisco de Asís, gave a wonderful meditation. Members of the Camp Program called the little children up to sing a son about a froggy. Then, finally, our choir sang. We were quite good, with the Lovely Mona directing. Tomorrow, at the Father's Day service, they will sing again. Then, at four in the afternoon, the Episcopal Women of San Cristóbal will have a Father's Day Program at Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal (our school across the street) in the Bishop Hayes Gymnatorium (we celebrated the first anniversary of his death on Tuesday). El Gran Combo San Cristóbal will perform a few numbers. The Lovely Mona will be there to take photos this time. ¡Hasta Mañana!
Photo 1. Cultura Nueva
Photo 2. Cultura Neuva
Photo 3. Y más Cultura Neuva
Photo 4. Padre Stanny predicando
Photo 5. Los Niños Pequeños (Abdul Cole, of Parroquia San Cristóbal, has a nice calm face. He used to be the Holy Terror of the parish.
Photo 6. The Lovely Mona directing el Coro de los Jovenes de Parroquia San Cristóbal.
Photo 7. El Coro again.
Photo 8. Padre Jamming.


Jane R said...

Another day, another party. Grandmere Mimi is going to be envious again. And the Mad One of Newcastle is going to bemoan the burdens under which you labor.

Love the pix of the young 'uns.

June Butler said...

Fun, fun, fun. All you people think about is having fun. Life is serious, ya know.

Unknown said...

Glenn and barbara moore love Fr stonny joris. Tell him hi. Our daughter Kaitlin is going to Panama in February for her best friends wedding.

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