Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catching Up

Lent is a very busy time, as you are all aware, so I can get behind.
Last Monday (Lunes de Carnaval) I attended a workshop at the Diocesan Center, led by the Rev. James Cooper of Trinity Wall Street. It was a good session, and we worked in small groups and all that kinda stuff.

We had two services at San Cristóbal for Ash Wednesday, English at 7:30 am and bilingual at 6:00 pm. Here is a photo of the morning crowd looking appropriately penitent.

Padre reminding everyone that Jesus said to wash your face.

An energetic discussion after church.

Friday we started our Lenten series and then had Stations of the Cross around 6:30 pm, but we didn't take any photos of that. Now I'm all caught up for a little while.

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it's margaret said...

And your Bishop is coming to this Diocese again in May!

I See You!

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