Saturday, February 13, 2010

Padre Mickey's Excellent Bocas del Toro Adventure! Day 3

Friday, February 5.

When we got in Thursday evening, I noticed that the battery in my travel alarm clock had died, so I spent some time figuring out how to set the alarm on the iTouch. I was successful, and the alarm went off at 6:20 am. The water came on during the night, and, while I was in the ice cold shower, the contingent from the Interior arrived. We had breakfast (Johnny cake, slice of individually wrapped American cheese [or is that "cheeze?"] which had been out of the fridge for more than forty seconds, rendering it quite difficult to unwrap, and a salchicha). Just after breakfast Padre Eladio informed me that Padre Milciades was scheduled to lead Oración Matutina (Morning Prayer), but since he was still traveling he requested that I lead it, so I did.

The first workshop started after Matutina. It was very difficult to work in the hall as the acoustics were less than desirable and all the people talking at once resulted in a terrible cacophony. The group with whom I was working went outside, where things were better. Meanwhile, the management of Hotel Waddaya Want for $5.00? turned of the water in the bathrooms again. After the workshop we had lunch (fried rice which, though the food was brown in color, indicating that shoyu or soy sauce had been used, was totally devoid of umami, the fifth taste which is always activated by shoyu) and then free time. I was annoyed because I couldn't brush my teeth. After lunch the ECW performed their drama: "The Women of the Bible" with a cast of thousands dozens. It was an interesting production, to say the least. Then another workshop, followed by a free evening (still no water!). A large group of us took a water taxi to Isla Carenero, where my good friend Milford Peynado has a little resort, Doña Mara. We had a good time and a wonderful dinner (I had calamari al ajio with double salad). Milford's son is the chef and he is incredible! We returned to Isla Colón, where I saw the parish treasurer, Roberto Murdock, standing out on the street. He had just got in and was wondering where everyone was. Roberto, Guillermo, Luther Atkinson and I decided to have a taste, so we went to Toro Loco and had a few. We had a bet on whether there would be salchicas (hot dogs) in the breakfast the next day. Everyone agreed that there would be. When we returned to Centro Augustino, there was STILL no water. I called the Lovely Mona and had a very nice conversation, as usual. Then I went to bed in a sullen, unwashed mood. Another interesting day!



Bishop Murray leading the first work shop

Our group

Sara ate my candy for me. Such sacrifice!

The Women of the Bible
There were about six million many women of the Bible, and, while I took many photos of all of them, I'm not posting them all
Sarah, the Mother of Nations

Abraham's servant (who had been with him the longest) meets Rebekah

Salome with John the Baptist's head!

The Blessed Virgin Mary

All the Women of the Bible follow the BVM

The Cast

Doña Mara


Kirkepiscatoid said...

Oooo! Oooo! I want to know what they made John the Baptist's head out of! Looks very scary!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Oooo! Oooo! I want to know what they made John the Baptist's head out of!¨ Kirkepiscatoid

She loves that stuff...naturally and less hardened and sensitive type artista (who specializes in Landscapes, Butch Landscapes) immediately moved my scroller down to the restaurant and cocktail lounge pictures (why colored up many thoughts...what can I say, I´m creative in a way that apparently Kirkepiscatoid hasn´t yet encountered within)...Padre, I´m going to drive down for a visit sometime (after my new lense is placed in my eye and I no longer see blur out of the leftie...should I live) with some friends...please, please prepare a listo of places to go and hideaways with wonderful food (and few people is always nice) and cheapo gringo it easy to drive down your way without being bribed by several border people who need to raise their standard of living?

Hope you had a great time...the salchichas alone captured my first frame.

Abrazos fuerte,

Leonardo Ricardo

Leonardo Ricardo said...

OMG, my NEW picture popped out...can you tell that I can´t see? (yet) I just noticed there is a large dog nose on my chin...and me in the Arts.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Juan Carlos says that my left eye points off in a different direction when I´m looking at him...I think I see that here (knew you´d want to know).

Anonymous said...

As I was wandering off into the water one early morning in Panama I noticed a large cluster of Salchichas being thawed for Breakfast...quickly, quick like a Bunny I rushed over and noticed they were of the highest quality...truly a sign that the lodgers were a cut above no salchichas at all.

Prudence the Wandering Homophobe

VW: zitervib (I was married to him in a earlier life and it wasn´t pretty).

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