Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things Are Moving Along Nicely!

The Rectory Restoration Project is moving along nicely. The contractors gave us an estimated time of two months, which sounded impossible at the time, but I think they may pull it off. They began work on January 11 and haven't stopped since!
Here are photos covering a thirteen-day period: February 10th through February 23rd.

February 10

February 17

February 19

February 23

We will be installing accordion walls to make separate classrooms, and, as you can see, we will have space for larger events. I am very pleased with how things are coming along.


susan s. said...


VW = baship

The Episcopal Church used to have some Baships. They are now part of ACNA.

Leonardo Ricardo said...


Breathe in and breathe out!

Twist and shout!


Leonardo (did you feel our Earthquake this A.M. 5.4...no damage reported)

VF: predou (holy vaca)

Grandmère Mimi said...

Looks good, Padre. Are you staying in the rectory while the construction goes on?

Padre Mickey said...

Leonardo, you and the Lovely Mona and I (and it's Margaret, too!) are all native Californians. 5.4 is a truck driving by!

Grandmére Mimi, this is the Former Rectory; the last Rector to live in it was Bishop Hayes when he was Padre Hayes in the late 1970's. We've been using it for classes and stuff for years, but now we're fixing it so that it will be more useful.

Grandmère Mimi said...

I see. I haven't been keeping up.

Caminante said...

Cool. Wish I could have some of those tiled floors up here. Once it becomes a parish hall classroom place, will you still call it the rectory? :)

Padre Mickey said...

Caminante, once it's finished we'll call it the Whomsoever-we-decide-to-name-it-after Multi-purpose Building. Or sumpin' like that.

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