Saturday, February 06, 2010

Update on Padre Mickey

Got a call from Padre Mickey this morning and he is doing well in spite of the fact the water has been off most of the time he's been on Isla Colón. This makes taking showers and whatnot very difficult.

He was given a certificate of appreciation at the convention for all his work in planning the liturgies for the past 8-10 conventions. I'm not sure when he got that assignment exactly; I just know he's been doing it for years.

He'll be back in Panama City tomorrow evening around 6:00 PM. He's been taking lots of pictures and jotting down his experiences to share with you when he returns.

Stay tuned.


susan s. said...

You are doing a bang up job here with Mickey gone! You should post more often! Even with him there. . . or start your own blog! I send you hugs on this, the 3rd annual Hug an Episcopalian Day. (((The Lovely Mona))) There! Wasn't that nice?

The Lovely Mona said...

Thank you, (((((Susan))))). Hugs back to you.

Mary-Cauliflower said...

Thanks for the postings. It's nice to get to "know" you through these posts.

I See You!

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