Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I'm Off!!

I'm off to the region of Bocas del Toro, out by the western border of Panamá with Costa Rica. The Diocese of Panamá is holding Diocesan Convention there on Isla Colón. We've got a long bus ride, leaving around 8:30 tonight and we'll get into Almirante around 6:00 am, then we'll take either the Ferry or a Water Taxi to Isla Colón. Tomorrow is the Youth Convention. Thursday is the Annual Meeting of las Damas Episcopales (ECW). Friday we have talleres, or workshops, and the business meeting will be held on Saturday. I gotsta be at the bus stop in Almirante by 8:30 am Sunday morning for the ride back to Panamá.

I'm hoping the Lovely Mona will do lotsa blogging while I'm gone, but it's all up to her. If I have internet access I might pop in via the iTouch. Otherwise, I'll see ya Monday morning with lotsa photos and tall tales amazing stories.
¡Hasta luego!


susan s. said...

Have a wonderful time!

Lindy said...

That looks fabulous, Padre Mickey. Have some fun times while you're there.

Matty Boy said...

Very pretty place, Padre. Have a great time.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I want to drive down to Panama sometime...should be a interesting trip...are those islands wonderful?

Have a great Convention!

I See You!

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