Thursday, February 11, 2010

What I Saw This Morning . . .

. . . on my way in to la iglesia.

Pile o' Plátano

Carnaval is this weekend, and this little bar already has its Outside Drinking Area constructed. By tomorrow all the bars along the street will have these areas in front, some with thatched roofs.

Kegs arriving!

The public secondary schools in Panamá are often named after countries. This place is on most peoples' minds nowadays.

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Anonymous said...

My Goodness that arquitecto is busy...he´s done/designed all of the same buildings, schools and strip mall structures right here! There should be a name for it...Frank Lloyd Wright he is not (although incorporating the temporary bar into the existing building shows GLW tendency).

Leonardo Ricardo (who Google is somehow punishing me and not letting me login...even at my own blog)...happy everything Padre!

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