Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Early Christian Spirituality

As you all know, Michael is off in Bocas del Toro having the time of his life at convention. Knowing him, he'll come home with many a tale to tell all of us.

Well, he got some crazy idea that I would blog while he's away. Lordy, I don't know what to talk about, so I was thinking you might help me make sense of stuff I'm reading on spirituality.

From what I'm gathering, Ignatius believed spirituality was "based on the Eucharistic community" and there should only be one church in each community because he believed it represented the body of Christ. So, one church, one Bishop. What happens if two Bishops happen to be in town together because one was passing through? Would that mean he couldn't come to the Eucharist?

Now Origen was more into the struggle of the human experience against passions and aspiring toward either a mind or soul mystical union with the Logos of God.

Then there was Macarian who, from what I'm understanding thought spirituality came from the heart.

For all you priestly people, and I say that with love, is any of this right? Does this make sense? Expansion and clarification in layman's words would be fine and appreciated.


Paul said...

I always assumed the Lovely Mona was sweetness and light but here I discover what is clearly a sneaky plot by the laity to entangle folks with funny collars into the most intricate theological tangles. Oh, wait, she wrote "priestly people." It's for all of us. Whew. She is a sweetie after all. No wait, there is that bit about layman's words so it must be aimed at the clerics. Flee!

Now, I am happy to preach on Trinity Sunday, about the Trinity, too, but I don't think I'm going to venture here.

Good questions, though.

The Lovely Mona said...

Seems like no one wants to answer the question. I really am curious and would love to know.

Paul said...

I suspect Ignatius would opine that a visiting bishop was just that: a visiting bishop, who would worship with the local community gathered around its bishop. But I doubt Iggy would approve of a second bishop setting up shop in the first bishop's bailiwick as that would offer a clear symbol and example of competition rather than unity. But OCICBW.

I would need to go back to my books to tackle the other questions.

I'm trying here, Mona. (And I did believe you were serious. Of course, when the People ask questions, the clergy get nervous. As well we should.)

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