Monday, December 31, 2007

All De Animals Wuz...

King Fu Fighting!
Dey wuz fast as litenin'!
It wuz a likle bit fritenin'!
But dey wuz Kung Fu Fighting!


Tia Sue said...

They are soooo cute! In your new total visitors chart is that for the day? It is quite slick

Padre Mickey said...

Hi Tía Sue.
The numbers on the new counter are not for today but since I installed the widget sometime last week.

susan s. said...

Those bears are the cutest!

johnieb said...

OK, PM: enough with the cute already, wit MizBebe holdin' court in the Kresmus (sp?) Kort; I am hoping and praying for another beautiful Grandson in May; the current one, who "Kung-Fu fights" no, really, but it's Ju-Jitsu, will be ten by then.

And now dis? Fugiddabouit already!

Forgive me if I practice my Yankee behavior on you, Sir; I think it may be more similar to a common discourse than my native Southern poor country boy.

I See You!

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