Monday, December 24, 2007

El Nacimiento

On Saturday a teacher from Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal came across the street and set-up the parish's nacimiento, with some help by Jonathan Biscomb, a member of our youth group. They set it up just in front of the Altar Rail in the Chapel. I really like the way the stable is at the top of the hill, with the town of Bethlehem spread out below. I am very fond of the little pig farm near the bottom of the hill, although I doubt if there were any pig farms in Bethlehem in those days. Tonight I'll bless the Baby Jesus as the Mass begins and place him in the manger. I'll take a photo of the Holy Family tomorrow morning.
¡Feliz Navidad a todos!


Anonymous said...

GREAT gobbs of eternal fire...a "pig" farm...well, now you can see as well as me that Bethlehem WAS a *inclusive* community. No wonder Jesus was born there (I like my version).

I send my Christmas Greetings to all the beautiful folks at The Mass tonight Padre...special greeting to Mrs. Doyle and her alter guild staff and the heavenly choir.

Happy EVERYTHING! I'm going to put on a Roast Beef soon and make Yorkshire Pudding/Brown Gravy so my dinner guests will all be extra plump for the late services tonight!

Oh Holy Night is so much FUN!

MadPriest said...

Yes. Love the pig farm. Love the Jersey cows and the blue donkey. And the rooves are gorgeous - I really didn't before seeing these photos that the people of Bethlehem painted them such lovely, bright colours.

But Padre, will you be able o live without all your toys until 12th Night?

Merry Christmas, Mickey - hope it doesn't snow on you to much.

susan s. said...

So, Bethlehem looks suspiciously like Panama! And here I thought that Jesus was born in Liverpool!

Merry Christmas and love to Mike and the Lovely Mona!

Matthew Hubbard said...

Great town of Bethlehem.

Could stand a few Teletubbies, though.

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