Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday Random Top Ten: Holiday Edition

Ya pushes "Happy Krispen Shuffle" and ya takes yer chances (Maybe Caminante will recognise some of these!). . .

1. Noche de Paz La Boca Alumni Chorus
2. Green Grow'th the Holly Theatre of Voices
3. The Christmas Song The Late, Great, James Brown
4. Past Three O'Clock The Chieftains and Some Children's Choir
5. The St. Stephen's Day Murders Elvis Costello and the Chieftains
6. Las Barbas de San José La Boca Alumni Chorus
7. A Christmas Carol (Charles Ives) Theatre of Voices
8. Santa's Got A Brand New Bag The Bobs
9. Let's Unite The Whole World At Christmas The Late, Great, James Brown
10. Susser die Glocken Theatre of Voices

Well, the Krispen Karol collection here on Padre's eMac at la oficina is limited in its selections. La Boca Alumni Chorus was a choir formed of graduates of La Boca High School in the former Canal Zone. The recording was made back in the early 1970's. The Bobs are an Acepella group from the San Francisco Bay Area. I should of done this at home, where we gots lotsa lotsa Krispen musics!

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Caminante said...

Er, Caminante feels pretty stupid here... I don't recognise any! (Of course I can be excused on the Bocas group, no?) I'll see what I can come up with chez moi.

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