Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Da Monkey on T.V.


I made a big mistake today. I listened to the pres'nit's Press Conference on NPR. Well, all I can say is "What a Maroon!" Well, actually, I have MUCH MORE TO SAY as I'm sure you suspected. First, his opening statements were hilarious. I'm glad I wasn't watching it on television, as his voice was just hysterical. The tone of voice he used in his opening statements sounded like: "There will be spankin's and coal in the stockin's of the Democrats if they don't gibita me! I want's dat money and I wants it now!!!!!" I must ask: did the Press Corp bound and gag Helen Thomas and lock her in the broom closet? I ask because no one asked "Whey the hell should we believe anything you say, ya big bag of Poop!!!"
It's really something listening to him and how he works himself into a snit. My favorite moment was when he was 'splainin' how the Iranians don't have a transparent regime, as if he does!
Look, estadoünidense, it's really time to demand that he and his sidekick vice president be arrested and beaten with stout canes and chained to languish in caves of methane ice until their terms expire and impeached for the good of the nation and the world. WTF are you all waiting for? The rest of us on the planet are wondering.


Anonymous said...

Now your Padremost, *that* was the kind of outpouring that gets me go'n! I probably won't be able to sleep tonight with such possible delights (plus, I really would like to see these deadly jokers put on trial and thrown in prison for life...and for the lifes of the others they so boldly take without blinking as they sink to yet a lower level of public/private deceit).

Ansley Hathaway-Nuez-Jimenez Suart-Gimbel Saks

Paul said...

WTF are the People of the United States waiting for, Padre? BTFOM, it's long past due! (Beats the F. outta me) His blatant criminality and disregard for the laws of the land, his contempt for the people of this nation, his malignant influence in the world all cry out for accountability.

I was once a fan of Nancy Pelosi. Until she puts impeachment back on the table, she should be impeached for violation of the Constitution too. It is our lawful remedy for attempts to destroy our government form within.

The Washington press corps worships before the idol of "access" the way bishops kneel before the idol of "communion." I'm feeling mighty iconoclastic these days.

¡Give 'em fits, Padre!

June Butler said...

Padre, what are we waiting for? I can't say. It's way past impeachment time, ain't it?

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