Monday, December 31, 2007

Yesterday at Parroquia San Cristóbal

The only Sunday in Christmas, and we had a very nice service. Bishop Victor Scantlebury, formerly of Panama and presently Assistant Bishop of Chicago, and his wife Marcia worshipped with us yesterday morning. It's always good to see the Scantleburys and there was quite a line of folks waiting to say hello!

As you may recall, Mr. Ricardo Staples was honored earlier in the week for his contributions to Jazz in Panama. Yesterday he brought the plaque he received to show the folks at church.

I've told you about Priscilla McQueen and her sister, Revda. Glenda McQueen's Grandma Mary before. I love it when she's in town from Costa Rica, because I will be eating well. In fact, she tells everyone "Padre loves my food!" Grandma Mary decided to have a big party at Priscilla's house yesterday and she cooked a great meal: turkey, ham, hamburgers, rice and guandu (peas), salad, potatoes, and yucca pone and these coconut/gingery thangs for dessert. We had a great time.

We have our Watchnight Service tonight at 10:00 p.m.. We'll post photos of that tomorrow.

Happy New Year to everyone!

The Rt. Rev. Victor and Marcia Scantlebury

Ricky and his plaque

The plaque

Ricky and Martha and Ronaldo Olton

Ricky, the Oltons, and Barbara Smith

Ricky with friends

Ricky, the Oltons, y Padre (Martha convinced me to take off my specs)

Coffee Hour discussion

Grandma Mary and Padre

Grandma Mary cooking

Grandma Mary and Priscilla with the yucca pone


susan s. said...

Dat looks like some good yucca pone. I am assumin' it is bread?

Also, I am so glad the Scantleburys were there. He preached at Padre Dave's ordination. He tells very bad(silly) jokes!

Feliz Ano Neuvo to you and yours. (My resolution for the new year is find out how to make those little squiggly things over the words!)

Fran said...

Happy New Year Padre! You are one of the great blogfriends of the new year. Mad Priest not withstanding, I can't thank you enough for the connections that I have forged through your great blog.


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