Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Loves Me The iTunes

I really loves me the iTunes, and not just because I have most of my cd collection on the 'puter. I loves me the iTunes 'cuz now I can listenate to NPR and Air America AND the world's greatest radio station, KFJC, which played the musics of Matty Boy and myself. I also loves subscribing to the podcasts of This American Life and Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. I likes the Air America, 'cept it was a heck of a lot better when Sam Seder was on in the mornings, and I miss Al Franken. But the commercials, well, they be terrible. From what I can tell, the Average Air America listener is a middle-aged male deadbeat who owes Big Money to the I.R.S. AND at least ten different credit-card companies and wants his wife to have cosmetic surgery (so she can feel better about herself!), but probably can't afford it because he's spent all the money he should be paying the I.R.S. and credit-card companies ON VIAGRA! OCICBW....

I'm sure glad I'm not an average anything!

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toujoursdan said...

LOL I was just whining about iTunes this morning. It doesn't like my PC, or my new iPod Classic much. I get all kinds of weird error messages when I plug and unplug it and it is slow as molasses when I want to update my videos' info.

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