Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging THE MOVIE!!!

Starring Miss Bebé, The World's Most Beautiful Granchile™ as herself
Gallito Mescalito makes an extremely brief appearance on the left side of your screen while Red Mr. Peanut Bank's head is introduced to Mr. Table.
Mumbly Voices: Tara Mobley, Chris Mobley, Matty Boy, Miss Stephenie Rose, and Padre Mickey
Background Music: Kajra Re from "Bunty aur Babli"
Filmed at Viceroy Restaurant in Berkeley, California, November 4, 2007


Fran said...

That was some good bloggin' my friend, extra good bloggin'.

I am curious as to whose voice is who, but I will have to make my way to a church in Panama or a maths class in CA in order to hear you or Matty for real.

Probably sounding a little too stalkerish at the moment.

Better move along!

Paul said...

She has very graceful moves, but one would expect as much. Lovely!

Matthew Hubbard said...

I was the one who brought up the jukebox playing Bollywood songs. Much of the rest of the dialog is Padre Mickey being all knowledgable and stuff about Bollywood actresses and films and his daughter Tara praising her daughter Miss Bebe for being rhythmic, which is true.

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