Monday, December 24, 2007

Ayer en Parroquia Episcopal San Cristóbal

Yesterday was the Fourth Sunday of Advent, and at the 7:30 service, the Choir sang their Cantata in place of the sermon. They did a fine job and received a standing ovation from the congregation. Then Padre Cáceres gave a short reflection, which was actually a reflection and congratulation on the tenth anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood. In honor of their 58th Wedding Anniversary, Clarence and Pearl Murray (our bishop's parents) donated a Shew Bread for the Eucharist. The Shew Bread is huge and offers some liturgical challenges for the presider, but it is an important West Indian thang so I just work with it. At the end of the service, right after the announcements, the Lovely Mona said a few words, followed by members of the congregation in regards to my ministry here in Panama. It was very nice and very touching. Some people even gave me gifts! And of course, another Festive Coffee hour with cake and empanadas. There was also a celebration at the end of la Misa en español a las 10:30. Several people spoke, and members of the Youth Group spelled out my name: M = Musico Talento; I = Intelegente; etc. Then the Youth Choir sang a medley of the songs I've taught them at camp over the past eight years. We all had a wonderful time.

Here are some photos.

Advent Wreath and Chancel

Shew Bread

Organist and Choir Director Reynaldo Taylor rehearses with Mrs. Agatha McIntosh before Mass

The Choir sings their Christmas Cantata

Censing the Gifts

At the Eucharist

Elevating the Shew Bread

Ms. Adica Moore

Jr. Warden Carl Scotland and Sr. Warden Keith Green

Ricky Staples reminds everyone that I am his bass player

Ms. Patricia Young of the ECW

Final Hymn (The Organist had to leave during Communion to get across town to Balboa Union Church)

Folks at breakfast

The cake

El Coro de los Jóvenes antes la Misa

Abdul Cole presents the Sunday School gift

Miss Bilanfanty presents a gift from the Diocesan Youth Ministry Group

Spelling out my name (Michael, not Mickey)

Peter Wright, president of Luz de Mañana, our Youth Group

Camp Song Medley by the Choir


Anonymous said...

Father Michael (behind curtain number two?), I love going to Church with all of's like face-to-face Church for me when I visit Padre Mickey's (behind curtain number one?)...I always feel the holy spirit when visiting Missionary Dresbach's (behind curtain number three?) Parish...I send my love to all of you and I WISH YOU a fantastico y Feliz Navidad loaded with carino and kindly ongling service to our brothers and many tamales would you like under your Christmas tree? You do believe in Santa?

Leonardo Ricardo

Jane R said...

Padre Mickey, what a great celebration! Thanks for sharing it with us. You look faaaaabulous and so do the beautiful people of Parroquia San Cristóbal, who once again have proven they are the kings and queens of the Anglican party world. Congratulations on your tenth anniversary. Ad multos annos! Party on! Jesus would approve, verdad?

June Butler said...

What beautiful people, and what a beautiful place Parroquia Episcopal San Cristóbal is.

A Blessed and Happy Christmas to you and loved ones, Padre Mickey. You and your parishioners deserve each other.

Grendel said...

Dear Padre,

I hope you Got Gravy as one of your gifts for Holding out So Long as a Priest.

Try to stay Out of Trouble in the Next Ten Years.

I See You!

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