Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More From One Of My Favorite Sites: www.engrish.com

Hey, Gals!

The Lovely Mona and I only had two children as my father had told me that every third child born is Chinese and we certainly didn't want to have to deprive them of toys.


June Butler said...

Padre, back in the day, I found that PMS truly did change my mind, so it's no joke, you see.

As for the second joke, that falls into the category of, "Please, leave the stage."

Sorry to be so grouchy, but your post gave me flashbacks - including hot flashes.

Dennis said...

it is green and fuzzy. Hmmmm....
Did you get a Chiapet for the holidays? Is that what this is?

I would certainly agree with keeping those things away from children, whether Chinese or not.


Fran said...

PMS has changed my mind so many times...

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