Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Sorry about the light blogging, but today was Clericus. We met at Iglesia San Juan en Villa Cáceres. My first appointments in Panama were at San Juan and San Simón in Gamboa. I still serve as the "assisting priest" (not officially) at San Simón; in fact, the Lovely Mona and I will be there Saturday night.

We held Clericus at San Juan on September 11, 2001. I was one of the first to arrive, and Revdo. Canonigo Bouche, who lives across the street from San Juan, came running over to me shouting about an attack on the U.S. I didn't believe what he was telling me!

San Juan is built in the round, and is the only church of it's kind in the diocese. They've repainted recently and added some new tile on the floor, and I think it looks great! Padre Eloy Gibbs is the priest-in-charge. It was nice to be there again, and I got lots of besitos from the ladies in the kitchen!

We had a good meeting, and Bishop Murray is ready for Lambeth; he leaves on Thursday. He will be leading one of the Indaba groups. I invited him to send me updates and thoughts of his experience for Padre Mickey's Dance Party, but he may be too busy for that. If he sends me anything, I'll post it! He and I also discussed the Declaration from Jerusalem (he rolled his eyes and said, "How much time do we really want to spend on that bunch?") and we both expressed our amazement that Bishop Venables of the Southern Cone only wants British and Estadoünidense missionaries of SAMS to serve as bishops in that province.
We all discussed situations in the diocese and will be praying for Bishop Julio during his time in England.

So, here are three photos of the sanctuary at San Juan, and one of our meeting.

El Altar

The Front Door (with Sexton Ricardo)

El Reunión


FranIAm said...

Is that like Festivus, but for 'picopal clergy types?

Troll Busters |Who Ya Gonna Call?| said...

I found this quote this morning @ Inclusive Church. I shared it at Fr. Mark's, but different folks visit here, so I hope that I can share it again.

Humberto Maiztegui, a Uruguayan priest exiled in Brazil:

"The problem is that the hierarchy of the Anglican Church in the Southern Cone has had a theological formation without an understanding of and sharing in the sensibilities about the culture, the reality and the priorities of the Latin American people."

"Latin America has its own theological identity built by the Theology of Liberation, both as religious inculturation and political engagement. The Anglicans in Latin America participated remarkably well in this regional theological process of liberation...But the Anglicans of (the Southern Cone) did not participate in this ecumenical theological activity and, indeed, often opposed it.

"In Latin America the Consejo Latinoamericano de Iglesias (CLAI) (Latin American Council of Churches) cannot group together all the Latin American Anglicans...Why not? Because the Province of the Southern Cone does not like the social and political engagement of this ecumenical organisation. The issue is not a problem of sexuality or worship, but a broader question of hermeneutics and a fundamental disagreement about the role of Scripture and the Church of Christ in Latin America in transforming society and politics.

"There seems to be a direct relationship within Latin American Anglicanism between whether theology, leadership formation and the episcopate are foreign or national and whether the Church is more exclusive or inclusive in its ecclesiastical perspective."

Anonymous said...

Don't try and fool me my dear brother Dahveed...I'm in Los Angeles and I can see right through your sun glasses (they were invented here)...glad to see you're on duty since I'm in a shopping comma...great things abound!

More soon, when I come up for air...I miss you all.

Leonardo Ricardo

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