Thursday, July 03, 2008

¡Muchisimas Gracias, Father Jake!

Revdo. Terry Martin, aka Father Jake, has decided to close down his blog Father Jake Stops The World. He isn't giving up blogging but will return with something new in a few months.

Jake's place was THE place to check out what was going on in TEC. I learned of the blog from Prior Aelred, whom I met in the comments over at Eschaton. After reading Fr. Jake's for a few months I finally worked up the nerve to start Padre Mickey's Dance Party. I think I met the majority of the people who are now part of the Dance Party crowd at Father Jake's; that is definitely where I met Leonardo Ricardo and Luiz Coelho when we formed our Global Center bloque against the Global South. I always enjoyed the conversations there and will miss Terry's perspective on the outrages happening within the World Wide Anglican Communion.

So we'll miss Father Jake's place, and I hope the Fr. Jake Community finds another place to gather. At least this will cut my "blog-surfing" time considerably!

Via con Dios, Terry; we'll miss you!


Caminante said...

Arriving back north from El Salvador I read the astounding news and am rather stunned. Like so many others, it was a first-read of the day. Nunca más.

Did you see Obispo Martín while he was in Panamá this week?

Fred Schwartz said...

Some of us will run -- but we will not hide. Is it time for a stroll? I can hear Fats Domino in the background.

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