Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Day of Celebration

Today I stopped by the Diocesan office to meet with Walter Smith and Panama Project member Vivian Lam. Vivian had an extended Panama Project experience, six weeks instead of the usual three weeks. She'll be returning to los estados unidos on Friday, and Walter and I wanted to reflect with her about her experience. I arrived around noon, and I knew that the weekly Healing Eucharist would be taking place in All Saints Chapel at the Cathedral of St. Luke, and I figured Walter and Vivian would be there. I was surprised by how many people were in attendance; it's usually a bit sparse. Then I learned that tomorrow is the anniversary of the ordination to the priesthood of the Very Reverend Maize Lennan, Dean of the Cathedral, and it was being celebrated at the Eucharist. I believe it was announced that it is the 16th anniversary of her ordination (but I may have mis-heard). Bishop Murray gave la Muy Reverenda a special blessing.

After the Mass, I went to lunch with Vivian and Walter so that we could reflect on her experience. And when we returned to the oficina diocesana, we awarded Vivian her certificate of completion and made her a member of the diocese by giving her a pin of the diocesan seal.

Here are photos

Muy Reverenda Lennan y el Obispo

Reverenda Carmen Saéz, Vivian Lam, Muy Reverenda Lennan, y Reverenda Canoniga Glenda McQueen

Walter Smith and Vivian Lam

Padre Mickey and Vivian Lam


Caminante said...

Good to see folks and the chapel. Somehow I dimly remember hearing that someone carved the panels and altar in thanksgiving for his recovery. ¿Verdad? We're going on memories from 21 years ago.

FranIAm said...

That is beautiful!

John said...

Great to see everybody8in the Cathedral chapel. It's exciting that Vivian is home and Walter will be in Berkeley in September!

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