Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Today I mean Yesterday I mean A Few Days Ago en Parroquia Episcopal San Cristóbal

Yeah, I usually post these photos on Sunday evening or Monday morning, but the camera has been traveling about in the Lovely Mona's purse since Sunday. Sunday afternoon we got home late, as we stopped by Janet Levi's with the rest of the extended family for her birthday. We sat around eating nachos and papaya and talking about all kinda tings. I was even asked about GAFCON. I gots an opinion! Then, Monday, my day off, I spent time fighting the dreaded wood ants, who managed to eat my Hebrew-English Lexicon, lots of sheet music, some Tibetan Buddhist texts, my copy of the Bhagavad Gita, Jesus: The Evidence by Ian Wilson (no great loss; I hope it gave the wood ants indigestion), and my Strong's Concordance. I took everything off the shelves and sprayed the hell out the shelves twice. I will return the uneaten books to the shelves eventually.

So, the Third Grade of Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal and their parents visited us en la Misa de 10:30am. Ricky wasn't there as it was his birthday and his daughter took him somewhere for lunch, so I figured that Bernie would handle the music on his own. However, he was a bit late, so I prepared to play Cantad y gracias dad on the guitar. But Bernie showed up at the very last second, so I let him take it. The lil' darlings did a play with Sean Murray, Bishop Murray's son, as Jesus. Sean did a wonderful job; you could tell he had memorized his lines and was very into the play, unlike his classmates. The kids also recited Bible verses and sang a cute song with hand motions. Padre Cáceres and I blessed about 300 kids (well, maybe not THAT many) before Administering the Blessed Sacrament. And, like I said, we went to see Janet on her birthday with la familia Maduro, and it wasn't even Peshac or Thanksgiving!

Fótos de la Misa:

Some three hundred (well, maybe not THAT many) kids come up to sing

The lil' darlings in order, ready to sing


Sean Murray as Jesus (Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not!, well en español; "Dejen que los niños vengan a mí, y no se lo impidan")

A close up of Hillary, a member of San Cristóbal and a lil' cutie!

As always, muchisimas bendiciones

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