Friday, July 04, 2008

Friday Random Top Ten (Independence Day Edition)

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes yer chances. . .

1. La Sonrisa Canto A La Amistad
2. Antiphona II (Monteverde's "Vespro della Beata Vergine) Tavener Consort
3. Married Woman Combos Nacionales
4. Pulchra es amica mea (Palestrina) The Hilliard Ensemble
5. Electricity Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
6. Salvator mundi, Salva nos II (Tallis) The Tallis Scholars
7. Gloria IX (7th Mode) Monastic Choir of the Abbey of St. Peter, Solemnes
8. Tumbling Dice The Rolling Stones
9. Helpless Dancer The Who
10. A Big Surprise Sparks

Wow! That is one horrible list! Pop song - polyphonic chant - pop song - polyphonic chant - pop song, etc, and then, outta no where, the shuffle decides that it is not the iTunes on Padre's computer at la oficina, but Fred Schwarz's Early 1970's shuffle! 'sup wid dat? AND TO MAKE THINGS EVEN WORSE there isn't even one estadoünidense act on the entire list, and it's Día de Independencia en los Estados Unidos de América! THAT'S NOT RIGHT!! So, we'll try again, and use Matty Boy's method of skipping over everything that is not estadoünidense.

We pushes "shuffle" and takes control, like good 'Muricans:

1. Every Time I feel The Spirit The Pilgrim Travellers
2. Lookin' For Another Pure Love Stevie Wonder
3. Mother's Last Word to Her Son Washington Phillips
4. Western Wall Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris
5. I Hate Heaven The Residents
6. Automatic Stop The Strokes
7. Starving In The Belly Of A Whale Tom Waits
8. Sweet Spirit Kirk Franklin and God's Property
9. Teenage Lobotomy RAMONES!!!!
10. Love To Burn Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Big Fourth o' July Bonus number 11: Fingertips They Might Be Giants

Okay, THAT's more like it! Wow! I didn't realize how Brit-and-Latin-American-heavy my iTunes collection is. The majority of the U.S.A.ian artists on my iTunes are Gospel Musicians, or at least that is the impression one would get from this shuffle list. Makes ya think, huh? Makes ya think that I'm sure glad that God made the Ramones and that they were estadoünidense. Now go eat some hot dogs. And then post your own Top Ten in the comments.


FranIAm said...
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FranIAm said...
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FranIAm said...

OK, everytime I post it works in preview but then when I hit publish the links are fecacta...

One last time, fecacta or not...

Hora Medley: Mazel Tov,David & The High Spirit
Ave Maria,El Vez
Freedon Is Coming, The Cathedral Singers, John Bell (guest conductor)
Oh to Be Kept By Jesus,Reverend James Cleveland
On And On, Silje Nergaard
Gather Us In, Marty Haugen
Summer's Coming Around Again,Carly Simon
The Lamp Is Low,Robin McKelle
Feel Good Inc. (Album Crossfade),Gorillaz
Tubwayhun l'ahbvday sh'lama (Blessed Are the Peacemakers), Christopher Moroney/SAVAE-San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble

The true schizophrenia of my life and my iPod revealed!

Hora Medley - who can be without one?

Ave Maria by El Vez - ay caramba!

If you are not familiar with John Bell and the Iona Community, get familiar.

The Reverend James Cleveland stands tall in the Gospel Hall!

Who?? , that is who… you will thank me for her.

Marty- well known in churchy music circles, no link needed.

One of the best Carly songs evah!

Oh how I love Robin McKelle
– like Silje’s link, you will thank me for this

… Must be experienced. This is music that Jesus mighta hoyd, really!

FranIAm said...

Forget it - links are closed, work in preview and not now.

Oh well. What was that about the road to hell? Good intentions and 37 comments later...

Padre Mickey said...

Ha! That's what ya get fer bein' so fancy, Miss Arte y Pico!

Great list, though.

Fred Schwartz said...

Okay a quick hitter:

American Soldier by Toby Kieth
Unknown Soldier by The Doors
Universal Soldier by Donovan
Courtesy of the Red White and Blue Toby Kieth
Whiskey of My Horses Toby Kieth
Marine Corps Hymn by The Marines (who else)
Happiness is a Warm Gun The Beatles
Barbara Ann The Beach Boys
Surfin' USA The Beach Boys
Under The Board Walk Drifters

(I cannot count any better than I can spell).

Padre Mickey said...

Gee, Fred, your shuffle kinda got hung up on that Toby Keith fella, huh (I'm assuming Toby is a male; his/her stuff doesn't get played in Panama).

Were you making editorial comments on the events of the week? "Barbara Anne (or Bomb Iran)" and "Happiness Is A Warm Gun?"


Fred Schwartz said...

Actually, I threw in Barbara Ann for the summer along with Surfin USA. IF you haven't seen The Endless Summer it is great! Surfing from all over the world.

Toby Kieth is an Oklahoman and
C & W type. I like hime (that's my old Marine Corps guy comin out). Not for everybody but it is THE 4th of July!

Fred Schwartz said...

One more thing Padre Mickey -- thanks! for being here.

Padre Mickey said...

De nada, Fred, and thanks for 'splainin' Toby Keith.

David |däˈvēd| said...

A day late, but I been on the road for four days. Can you figure out my ecletic taste in la musica?

Buscando Refugio - Jesús Adrián Romero
Windy - The Association
And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going - Jennifer Hudson
O Sifuni Mungu - First Call
How Great Thou Art (with 4HIM) - John Tesh
All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You - Heart
I Believe - Diamond Rio
If We Are The Body - Casting Crowns
Abide With Me - Amy Grant
It Never Rains in Southern California - The Mamas and the Papas
The Prayer - Céline Dion with Andrea Bocelli

Padre Mickey said...

¡Hola David!
Better late than never!
Ya know, Windy showed up on Psuedopiskie's top ten last week. It must be making the rounds.

Los Jovenes en la iglesia se gustan Jesús Adrián Romero mucho. We performed his song "Mi Universo" on Father's Day.

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