Monday, July 21, 2008

The Other Day at Parroquia San Cristóbal

I started coming down with That Ting What's Goin' 'Round late Thursday. I decided to spend Saturday in bed, unconscious for as long as possible, as I was to preside at a wedding that evening. The Hogar de Niñas de la Capitál was holding a feria at Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal and the Lovely Mona attended, with our camera. This is a yearly fun-raiser for the Girl's Home. There is food (but I didn't get any codfish cake, 'cuz I'se sick) and entertainment. One of the Folkloric Dance Troupes from IESC performed, and folks had a good time.

Later, i presided at the Wedding of Griselda Sterling and Jean Bertrand. It was a beautiful wedding, and everything started on time; a first for a wedding in Panama in my experience. My day-long nap helped me somewhat and it wasn't necessary to wheel me in to the chancel on a hand-truck. The church was beautifully decorated, and they left all the flowers for our Sunday morning services. When the newly married couple exited the church, fire-works were set-off; it was really something!


Las Niñas

Bored sisters


El patio

Waiting to dance

Folkloric Dancers

Obligatory Mrs. Doyle photo

The evening sky

Wedding decorations

The groom arrived in this Rolls Royce

The Wedding Party about to get in line

The bride and her father

We moved the flowers for Sunday morning


johnieb said...

How beautiful, especially the folk dancers: Angelic!

And I hope you are well very soon.

Lynn said...

The church looks so lovely! It's nice to see the Bridezilla concept hasn't really caught on in Panama. Love the dancers, too.

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