Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Addition to the Blogroll

Well, not really, but those wits at the Wittenburg Door have discovered an ancient text: Noah’s Blog, which is well worth checking out. Who knew?


susan s. said...

That's great, Mike. Do you remember David Steinberg? He had a whole routine about Noah and how he liked to drink...
"He was a righteous man in his time. He had 3 sons with a total IQ of 30(or something like that), and a boatload of 2 of every kind of animal. If you had been stuck on that boat with that many animals and those three sons for conversation for as long as Noah was, you'd be a righteous man in your time, too.

Aghaveagh said...

You know,

We have that magazine in our library and I never looked at it. Who knew that Christians could be so funny???

um...except for you, of course. I mean, you're funny, not that you knew that Christians...oh, never mind...

we have a bulletin board on campus called the Witttenberg Door where you can post stuff. (Well, actually they misspelled it "Whittenberg")

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