Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Ever Expanding Blogosphere

It's time to update the Blogroll once again.
Many blogging opportunities have opened up with the closing of Father Jake Stops The World and Padre Mickey's Dance Party encourages the Jakites to visit these sites every day.
James has started The Three Legged Stool
Lynn has opened up Off-Topic Allowed
And David H, IT, and yours truly have started The Friends Of Jake

Other wonderful blogs are It's Margaret's Leave It Lay Where Jesus Flang It

Lindy's Still Fruity

Nathan Empsell's Wayward Episcopalian

Mata H's Time's Fool

My dear friend Mary's Mary's Wine Notes which she doesn't update much but maybe if Dennis and the other Wine-type folks start visiting she'll be inspired.

Lastly, we have Fr. David Heron's cleverly titled Anglican Priest Father David Heron

Padre says, "Check 'em out!"


it's margaret said...

Dear Padre --thanks for these other links, and I will visit Friends of Jake to see what cooks!

blessings (and Mr. Witty lifts an eyebrow at you)

Fred Schwartz said...

Padre Micky,

On old friend once told me, if you cannot convince them then at least confuse them. We are off to a great start!

Nathan Empsall said...

Wow, thanks for the publicity, Padre. I'm honored and grateful! :)

Nathan Empsall said...

I hope my latest post does not scare away your readers! :(

johnieb said...

I guess I should read the rulez before I post at Da FOJ?

I told yer friend Mary she has good taste in wine!

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