Monday, November 16, 2009

Ayer en Parroquia San Cristóbal

Yesterday the Altar Guild held their November Bake Sale (they also hold one on Palm Sunday every year) and it was a Great Success! There was carrot cake, coconut bread, yucca pone, the Lovely Mona's pumpkin cake, plantain tarts, codfish cek, and chicheme for sale and everything sold out.

The Seventh Grade class from Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal and their parents visited us at la Misa a las 10:30 am. A lot of people have birthdays in November, and many seventh-graders came up for their Birthday Blessings Sunday.

We also blessed little Paulo Alexander Murray, seen here with his parents Paulo and Judy. He was very good and didn't scream or fuss even when that bearded guy sprinkled water on him.

Here are photos of the Bake Sale.

The Lovely Mona's pumpkin cake and Mrs. Sylvia Patterson with some carrot cake and coconut bread

Mrs. Rachel Weeks organizes the plantain tarts

Mrs. Doyle always takes care of the caja.


Codfish cek!

Mrs. Olga Kelly and her World Famous Yucca Pone. She makes it entirely from scratch; she even grates the coconut herself! It is very, very good.

Punkin' cek, gibbitame!


susan s. said...

I just had breffix and now after these pictures I am hungry again.

Mike, do you bless babies and then baptize them at some other time? Just curious

Padre Mickey said...

The past few weeks we've had folks with newborns at la Misa so we bless the baby and will baptize later, probably on the first Sunday of Epiphany.

We go years without newborns and their families attending and now we've had two in about three weeks. I'm just happy they're all coming to Church.

susan s. said...

Oh yes, I totally agree wit you, Padre! I was not dissing you!

Padre Mickey said...

I didn't think you were dissin' me. I was just making a comment.

Geez, Susan, we've known each other long enough for you to feel free to say whatever you want. I won't be offended, and if I am, I'll tell you!

susan s. said...


I See You!

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