Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sunday at Parroquia San Cristóbal

I have the day off today, as we are celebrating the day in 1821 when the folks in Los Santos declared their separation from Spain. It's called el Grito de la Villa de Los Santos. This was the start of the Independence Movement in Panamá.

I've been meaning to post these photos but our internet connection has been spotty at best and almost non-existent overall, so I'm trying to post these before the thunder and lightening hits this barriada. It's pretty close!

The Lovely Mona played a selection on her flute for the Offertory Anthem at the 7:30 am service on Sunday. Here is a photo

In the evening, we had a Birthday Program. We celebrated all the birthdays in the parish at one time! The Beautiful and Eloquent (in two languages!) Profesora Priscilla McQueen was our Mistress of Ceremonies. El Gran Combo de San Cristóbal provided the music. Ms. Moore was scheduled to recite a poem but she got to talking and had the whole place in hysterics; she is so funny! A young lady who designs jewelry with African influences had several ladies of the parish model her wares. We had a lovely dinner prepared by the Niles family. Everyone was sitting at a table with their fellow birthday celebrants; January birthdays at one table, April birthdays at another; you get the drift. The program involved a recitation of birthstones and flowers and stuff which had to do with each month, and then the birthday celebrants would stand and El Gran Combo, with the help of Ms. Nora Johnson, would play a song for their birthday, with the celebrants all singing along. Mrs. Doyle was dancing in her chair! Young Miss Dickens sang a patriotic Panamanian song since we are in the midsts of our Festivales Pátrias. It was a lot of fun. And we finished it all off with cake and ice cream. The program was well attended (The GOP estimates the crowd at about 50,000!) A lovely time was had by all!

Here are photos!

We are in the midst of our Patriotic Holidays

Random photos of Birthday celebrants and all the action at the program!

Mr. Murdock, Church Treasurer, works the door


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Now I want cake...I shouldn´t come here...but, enough about me, HAPPY EVERYTHING to ALL of YOU!

lovely mona said...

That's Mrs. Doyle dancing in her chair. She had such a terrific time. Wish I had the camera ready when she actually stood up and danced!

Andy said...

A great day for all. Now, can the Lovely Ms. Mona rock some Jethro Tull with that flute?

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

I just love these photos and St Cristóbal! The Joy, the Love.

I See You!

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