Monday, November 02, 2009

Last Friday at Parroquia San Cristóbal

As many of you know, the Training and Education Committee of Parroquia San Cristóbal hold classes which are open to the people of the Parque Lefevre and Río Abájo neighborhoods of Panama City. These classes teach employable skills such as cooking and catering, sewing, belleza (hair and make-up), and even interesting things like building furniture out of pvc pipes.

On Friday, October 30, our Cake Baking and Decorating class held their closura or graduation. Ms. Sarah Williams, a member of our parish (and neighbor to the Lovely Mona y yo), teaches this class every year. Sarah owns a bakery and she donates two sheet cakes every Sunday for our Coffee Hour. Her cake decoration class is very popular.

The class this year was a bit smaller than in the past, as we don't have much room for many students. This problem will be solved as soon as we have the funds for our planned remodeling of the former Rectory. Even though there isn't much room, our students did a wonderful job with their cakes. I presented all the students with their certificates, and presented certificates to Ms. Williams and Ms. Teresa Brathwaite, who serves as la Directora for our classes. After the speeches and awarding of certificates, we all admired the cakes and then had a repast of empanadas and cake (Sarah makes an incredible empanada de bacalao or codfish empanada). It was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

The cakes on display

Apple crumble

Yum! Sprinkles!

A nice presentation

Carrot-pineapple-nut cake

We all got a piece of this German Chocolate cake (and let me tell you: fresh coconut makes ALL the difference!)

¡Qué Bonita!

Cherrys for flowers

Rum cake!

Simple, yet elegant

I forget what kind of pie this is

Coconut bread with currants


I forget what kind of bread this is

Apple pie

Tea and coffee for everyone

Friends and family begin to assemble

Hakim Edwards, 15 months old

Jaimie welcomes family and friends

Ms. Sarah Williams talks about the class

Ms. Xiomara Francis speaks about what the class learned. Xiomara is our Parish Secretary.

Ms. Marcella Edwards thanks the teachers on behalf of the class (under Hakim's supervision)

Ms. Beatrice Savage presents Sarah with a gift from the class

Sarah and Ms. Teresa Brathwaite


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Is it too late? I want a piece of German Chocolate Cake!

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