Wednesday, November 04, 2009

¡Feliz Día de Bandera!

Hi everybody! I would have posted this much earlier today, but the dang internet connection simply refused to stay connected longer than 30 seconds all day until about an hour ago.

Today is Flag Day in Panamá. Our Victorious Band from Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal marched in two parades today! While I was celebrating the Holy Mysteries at San Cristóbal this morning, our band was marching on Via España, so the Lovely Mona cut church and went to watch her students march and support them by walking along side them. She bumped into Padre Nelson Edwards and his son Nelsito on Via España. They were there to see their granddaughter/sobrina march in the parade and took lots of photos, which is great as we had left the camera at home. Later in the day the IESC band marched in front of the President in Casco Viejo. I got to watch that on television. It didn't rain and they were great, of course!!

Tomorrow is Colón Day as the Patriotic Festivals continue. Enjoy Padre Nelson's photos!

Padre Nelson's granddaughter

Estudiantes de Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal marching

Here comes the band!

The flautists! These are the Lovely Mona's students

The band stops in front of Calle Decima (the street the school and church are on) and do their stuff!

Fótos: Revdo. Nelson Edwards


susan s. said...

Wonderful pictures! Padre Nelson's granddaughter is beautiful!

Lovely Mona said...

Actually, the one flute player on the end is my student. She's really good.

Lovely Mona said...

Almost forgot; the female trumpet player marching with the clarinets likes to play flute and trumpet duets with me between classes. She's a sweetie.

I love their uniforms.

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