Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Random Top Ten

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes yer chances. . .

1. Heart Nick Lowe
2. Peace and Love Neil Young
3. Rejoice in the Lord Alway (Percell) Chanticleer
4. No Control David Bowie
5. Freezing Steel Cat Stevens
6. Ce que je teing/Certes mout/Bone compaignie/MANERE (Montpellier codex #328) Anonymous 4
7. Kings of the Wild Frontier Adam and the Ants
8. Psalmus V (Monteverde Vespro della Beata Vergine) Taverner Consort
9. Earth Died Screaming Tom Waits
10. Elvis and his Boss The Residents

Geez, what a terrible list! It just swings from one extreme to the other. I mean, I like everything on the list (this is all on my computer, after all), but I like them in context. When I'm listening to Monteverde, I want to listen to Monteverde; I can't think of any situation in which I would want to follow up Monteverde with Tom Waits. I can't think of any time in which I wanted to listen to Monteverde after Adam and the Ants, either. I will admit that I'm up for Elvis and his Boss anytime.

Once again, the Walking-to-Work list from my iTouch is much better:

1. Gidget Goes To Hell Suburban Lawns
2. Superstition Stevie Wonder
3. Ciega, Sordomuda Shakira
4. Let It Loose Rolling Stones
5. Gangsta's Life Fear Of A Black Hat
6. Lust For Life Iggy Pop
7. Substitute Sex Pistols

The Shakira song is Shakira when she was a rocker, before she started singing in Inglés and hangin' out with bad influences like Beyoncé. And Gangsta's Life is the best parody of Gansta Rap around. Maybe I'll walk slower next week and I'll get ten songs on the Walk-to-Work list instead.

Wadda yoo listenin' to? Tell me about it in the comments if you are so inclined.


PseudoPiskie said...

More than half the music on my iPhone is classical. Shuffle is too nerve jangling. Haven't done mine yet.

Fred Schwartz said...

I have decided "to follow Jesus" (well that is true and I could not resist) but what i really wanted to say is I have decided to open up "the Wayback Machine" and do something similar to what you have here. I say this is the nicest way, copying is the highest form of flattery!

PseudoPiskie said...

Finally posted mine.

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