Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yesterday at the Rectory

Yesterday we had our Thanksgiving dinner with our extended family. We had plenty to eat and drink, lots of laughs and fun conversation AND three children in the house. Here are photos of the fun.

The table before the guests arrived

The table ready for our guests

The star of the table

Alejandra. She knows when she visits los abuelos she can surf the internet AND make noise on the electric keyboard.

Our daughter Yasury y Eva Victoria

Freya y Chompita y "Bunrab"

Wadda fun bunch!

Let's eat!

Desserts: pumpkin pie, punkin cek, cheese cake con fresas, y bun


Tengrain said...

It looks delish, Padre! You had more guests than I did, and it looks like they had a better time, too.



Grandmère Mimi said...

Oh my! Your celebration looks lovely and yummy.

I See You!

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