Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Random 10 (or maybe 11?)

1. Big Green Country Neil Young and Pearl Jam
2. Roses Outkast
3. I Want To Be With You Bonzo Dog Dodah Band
4. What Keeps Mankind Alive? (Kurt Weill) William S. Burroughs
5. Senses Working Overtime XTC
6. India Psychedelic Furs
7. I Should Be Allowed To Think They Might Be Giants
8. Pulling Mussels (From A Shell) Squeeze
9. Helpless Dancer The Who
10. Ave Maria Virgo Serena (Jean Mouton) Theatre of Voices

And Bonus #11. Mosaico A La Sandoval Samy y Sandra Sandoval

This reminds me that I really need to get something by the Who other than Quadrophenia!


Ed said...

William S. Burroughs sings???

Jane R said...

Mickey has seances with him and Kurt Weil, didn't you know?

Sharrhan said...

Hi Padre Mickey!
I composed a long message to you a couple of days ago, but just as I was about to send it, I somehow pressed the wrong button and it disappeared. This time I shall not be thwarted!-- I'm writing it
on notepad and will transfer it to your blogpad.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting 'the lovely Mona' -- yes, the title is very appropriate!-- when she visited us in Cambridge, MA. We have so much in common that I told her I feel like I've found my 'long lost cousin.' We're both accomplishedflutists, have loving, wonderful spouses, we're spiritual progressive activists with open minds and hearts, we're smart fashionistas who enjoy shopping for and wearing secondhand designer
clothes, we're raw foodists, etc., etc.

I'm hoping I can teleport both of you back to Massachusetts as soon as possible so that we can meet the fabulous Padre Mickey, too.
If you're anything like your blog, you must bean amazing, wild and crazy guy-- and yes, that's a compliment. ;-p

Warm regards,
Sharrhan Williamson
Cambridge, MA

Padre Mickey said...

Ed, William S. Burroughs doesn't sing, he does that French "talking the lyrics" thang while the music plays in the background. Actually, I have a recording of him singing; in Tom Wait's The Black Rider Burroughs sings "Ain't No Sin."

No seances, Jane, I'm just "spiritually sensitive." Well, no I'm not, actually. I just have an eclectic collection of music!

Bienvenidos, Sharrhan! The Lovely Mona told me all about her visit and the fun she had with you. In fact, she talks about it all the time!

Eileen said...

I love pulling muscles .. that and slap and tickle and tempted are my favorites.

Matty Boy said...

William S. also worked with Laurie Anderson on a few tunes and talks over a U2 tune on the strange and beautiful album Songs In The Key Of X, based on artists interpreting stuff from the TV show The X Files.

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