Thursday, May 03, 2007

The View From The Bubble


Jane R said...

OMG, you want to make me ill while I am correcting papers and dealing with sixteen faculty-politics e-mails? Bring back the Panamá pictures! I'm going to go have supper -- but I am going to have to lay off pancakes for a while, good thing that's not what I had planned.

Padre Mickey said...

Yeah, it's put me off pancakes for a while, too! Thank God he didn't say hojaldres!

Anonymous said...

Me too, and my friend Juan Carlos makes really good (actually looks/tastes) pancakes...I waited so long for them and now you've ruined them for me...oh well, it's a good thing I'm capable of's so multi-purpose.

Sleep well nifty folks,

Leonardo de Mielmaple

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