Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Very Busy Pentecost Sunday

Boy, we were very busy Sunday. We had our two Eucharists on Sunday morning, with two baptisms at the 10:30 am Misa. It was Hyacinth Wilson's 90th birthday, so we had a little birthday party across the street on the patio of Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal. It was a very nice gathering but I don't have any photos of that event.

In the afternoon we were at Balboa Union Church for the Panama Canal International Alumni Association's 15th Ecumenical Commemorative service. A dear member of the parish, Profesora Emily Butcher, received the Meritorious Educational Award from the PCIAA. St. Christopher's Choir and three members of el Gran Combo de San Cristóbal provided the music for the event.

Then we zipped across town to the Paradise Banquet Hall for the Seventh Annual Etnica Negra Festival (Black Ethnicity Festival). In the U.S. Black History Month is the shortest month of the year, but here in Panamá the entire month of May is dedicated to honoring the contributions of the Afro-Panameños. This event was put on by Martha Productions Panamá. Martha and Ronaldo Olton are members of our parish and work constantly to educate our youth about and build pride in their African heritage. A group of students from Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal performed a play based on a novela written by one of their teachers. It was really quite a production! I also have photos of a dance group who performed; the members of the group are all retired women, and they are really something. I love the Etnica Negra festival, especially seeing so many people in African inspired fashions. We had a wonderful time!

1. Profesora Emily Butcher processing with the past president of PCIAA
2. El Coro de Parroquia San Cristóbal con el Gran Combo
3. Profesora Emily Butcher and her award.
4. African clothing
5. More African clothing
6. Kenya Douglas, member of St. Christopher's
7. Martha Olton
8. Aldolfo with his mother Roxanna Olton, and Alda Allen, members of St. Christopher's.
9. The Buffet line
10. Roxanna and Aldas' dresses
11. Congo dance with Denzel Arthur, member of St. Christopher's (in black and white costume).
12. Another scene from the play
13. Dancers!
14. Another shot of the dancers
15. Festival Etnica Negra sign


Jane R said...


I teach African American religion and theology and for several years before jumping ship to TEC(USA) was a member of a Catholic parish in Oakland (St. Columba, at San Pablo and Alcatraz) that was 95% African American so this is all very, very dear to me and I didn't know about the month of May being the celebration of Afro-Panameños.

Grandmère Mimi is going to be envious of all the parties again. :-) Just doesn't stop! Thanks for the pictures and I hope you can get some of little Evannie up sometime somehow too... Happy Whitsuntide!

P.S. I note you had the Anglican collar rather than the Roman collar for this gig. A little rotation in performance gear...

Matty Boy said...

Moses Malone and goodness gracious in the daytime!!! The folks at your church dress up muy priti for the big festivals.

Thanks for the holiday snaps, Padre! Terrific stuff.

Mary Clara said...

Yes, the gorgeous duds and the way people wear them are a real inspiration.

MadPriest said...

Are you losing weight, Padre, or is the Lovely Mona just getting better at taking more flattering photographs?

Jane R said...

You're right, MP, he is looking rather slender.

Grandmère Mimi said...

As the MadPriest has said already, what a sacrificial ministry you have. Just one party after another. It must be exhausting.

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