Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Today At Parroquia San Cristóbal

Padre Cáceres and I hosted Clericus this morning at Parroquia San Cristóbal. The Clergy of the Diocese of Panamá met for several hours. It was a small turn-out; I don't know where everyone else was. Here's two photos of everyone looking serious while I was taking photos.

Of course, the real action was in the kitchen. Here are two photos of la cocina.

The Great Wall of Parque Lefevre is almost finished. Here are some shots of the finished work, and one of the trabajadores hard at it.


Anonymous said...

and a lovely wall it is...also, I'm borrowing the paint color for some details for a painting I'm working on...gracias Padre...you've made my day!

Leonardo Ricardo, Artista de "fan" dancing

This post was not approved by anybody but may reflect a sugar rush as a result of the vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries I just ate.

Anonymous said...

aditionally...I LOVE COLOR and one of the very coolest parts about living in Latinoamericanolandia is the fabulous plastic colored everything...I was reminded of it with the "salad in cocina" shot...knocks one socks off with happy surprise...I just purchased a big bright yellow tub to toss salads in before I put them out in my white serving platters...I make lots of salads...fruit (nothing personal) and mixed veggies (nothing personal).

More than you needed/wanted to know.

Hugs anyway.

Leonardo Ricardo

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