Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm Back....Maybe!

Well, the phone line at home has been having problems; lots of static on the line to the point where one can't even hear anyone. I was talking to my parents on Sunday evening and it got so bad I had to give up. It was bad on Monday but the DSL was still getting through. Tuesday I came in to church and felt terrible. I tried to soldier on but I just felt worse and worse as the morning went on so I went home to sleep. The DSL came on for about two hours and has not been back since. The telephone is totally inaudible. I was home all day yesterday, sleeping. At least I feel better today and came to work, where the DSL lline works. I have a funeral today so I probably won't be posting much today. The Lovely Mona returns home tomorrow and I gotsta have dat phone line functioning.

Carry on.


Caminante said...

Cuidate, hermano. Hope you are feeling better soon... and that someday you'll be able to read these good wishes from Vermont.

Mary Clara said...

Missed you, Padre! Take care, and I hope things will be back to normal & healthy soon.

Dennis said...

hope that you and your phone line are feeling better soon!

Jane R said...

Padre, hermano, take care of yourself. Good for you for sleeping. Health before blog and Lovely Mona above all except God Almighty!

Grandmère Mimi said...

I left a comment here this morning, and it's gone, or maybe it never went up. I was having trouble posting this morning.

Padre, I wanted to say that I was pleased that you feel better, and I know that once the Lovely Mona is home, you will be fine.

I See You!

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