Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Government By The Memory-Impaired

So, is there something in the water, is there something in the food in the Department of Justice cafeteria, exactly why do these people have such terrible problems with their memories? These people can't remember anything!! "I don't remember." "I don't recall." “Testifying is, as I’m finding out right now, a difficult thing,” said Ms. Goodling. “I’m sure there will be things that I don’t remember.”

Perhaps they need some ginko biloba supplements. Or perhaps they are possessed by demons (I believe that this would be the only Bush Administration-approved reason, as they know in their hearts that no neo-con shill would ever lie).

This is the kinda stuff which makes traveling estadoünidense claim to be Canadians.

Goodling Photo: AP Photo/Susan Walsh


Grandmère Mimi said...

"I can't recall. I don't remember." Monica Goodling is so young to be having such serious memory lapses. I hope her condition is treatable.

What was even harder to watch was the Republicans droning on and on, running out the clock when their turns came to speak.

Jane R said...

I can only bear the radio. So I listen to NPR and get all the dishes done.

She did sound awfully young on the radio.

Saint Pat said...

Maybe it's all the drugs they used in the 70's.

Maybe it's guilty fear.

Eileen said...

She sounded like a high school kid.

Hi! I'm the popular girl! I got this job because I'm 1) pretty 2)a fundagelical (see my creds!) and 3) a major Shrub suckass.

If you are all of these things, I'll hire you. If not, I won't.

And I've got "loads" of experience from when I was student council president in college. UH-HUH.

(hair flip, and condescending look!)

Paul (A.) said...

The Daily Show (courtesy Crooks and Liars) covered it pretty well.

There is, however, a cure for Republican memory loss.

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