Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging

Today the Boys talk with the Kuna Doll about purchasing some molas, and are interrupted by an Apocalyptic Angel!

1. Kuna Doll: So, you two bichos are interested in some molas?
Gallito Mescalito: Shriek!!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank: Why yes, my dear lady! They are certainly lively exhibits of local Panamanian colour! My, what a unique artform. Is it exclusively Panamanian?
Kuna Doll: Yeah, it's our thang. Ignore that stuff you see in Costa Rica.

2. Wooden Apocalyptic Angel from Guatemala (Well, maybe it's a Christmas Angel, but I doubt it!): BBLLLAAAAAAAAAASSST!!!

3. Gallito Mescalito: ¿Shriek? ¿Shriieeekk?
Red Mr. Peanut Bank: WTF?
Kuna Doll: ¡No preocupes! It's just some Guatemalteco celestial. It's just out to make trouble. ¡Ignore it!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank: Well, this is certainly a vibrant and magical mola!
Kuna Doll: Yeah, and only $30.00 U.S.!
Gallito Mescalito: Shriek!

4. Wooden Apocalyptic Angel from Guatemala: HHOOOOONKKKKK!! HHOOOOOOONKKKKK!!

5. Red Mr. Peanut Bank: Doggone it! This is freakin' me out!! Now it's Christmas!!!
Kuna Doll: Well, yes, but isn't this a lovely Nacimiento Mola? Where are you going to find something of this quality for only $50.00 U.S.?
Gallito Mescalito: Shriek, shriek, shriek. Shriek?

6. Wooden Apocalyptic Angel from Guatemala: BBRRRAAAAAAATTTTTT

7. Gallito Mescalito: SHRIEEKK!! SHRIEEKK!! SHRIIEEEK!!!
Diablito Sucio: clackty-clackty-clackty-clack!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank: Okay, I've had it!! What the heck is going on? I am simply not up to this nonsense!
Kuna Doll's Voice (in the distance): Don't worry, it's just an illusion!!!

8. (Whole tone music playing in the background) Goddess of Mercy: Tranquilo. No preocupes. Todo está bien.

Red Mr. Peanut Bank (in the background): WHAT THE HELL IS GOING AROUND HERE????? WHERE DID HE COME FROM???
Gallito Mescalito (in the background): SSSSSHHHRRRIIIIIIIEEEEEEEKKKK!!!!!!
Red Mr. Peanut Bank (in the background): What kinda dumb-ass story is this anyway?? I wanna talk to my agent!! I have NO idea what is going on!
Gallito Mescalito (in the background): Shriek, shriek, shriek, shriek!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, the sets are gorgeous again and cast is always brilliant...I'm wondering if Gallito Mescalito (whom I not-so-strangely identify with...except, of course, my teeth are nicer thanks to a full mouth of pariodontal surgery after I stopped drinking...nick-of-time kinda thing at age 35) needs to see a fancy, up-town/canal speech therapist? I know it worked wonders for me when my Mom thought that me introducing myself as Yenny was not cute and very similar and awful to when I often silently stood on my head in the middle of elegant department stores and super markets while she was looking/shopping at/for stuff...I embarrassed my Mommie and my older sister tortured me that's why I'm Gay...well, you would be Gay too if you had a mean sister like Maddog Marilynn who tied me up with belts, gaged me and called it "baby sitting"...and then there was the ugly female teenage babysitter who relieved "Maddog" after I squealed on her who made me practice "being her boyfriend"...YIKES, that tongue down my throat still makes me gag).

Leonardo Ricardo (who wouldn't have drank excessively under those never was ANYTHING that *I* did)

Grandmère Mimi said...

I dunno, Padre. Some of the pics give me color and pattern overload. But the wit, the wit of the dialog covers a multitude of sins.

Mary Clara said...

So glad you got your energy back to produce another script, Padre Mickey. The Friday night show keeps me going while I am away from America and can't watch my soaps. The more color, pattern, and earsplitting shrieks the better.

Caminante said...

Love the molas!!! Can hardly wait to get to Panamá to get some more.

Padre Mickey said...

Leonardo, if Gallito Mescalito starts introducing himself as Yenny, I'll send him to a speech therapist, but since I believe he is speaking the idioma de los mescalitos, I'm not too worried.

Muchismas gracias, Grandmère Mimi, Mary Clara, and Caminante.

I find it quite strange that my stats go way up on Fridays. I guess these guys are somewhat popular.

Eileen said...

I luf them, Padre, even though I was busy being a mommy on Friday, and missed them till today.

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