Thursday, May 03, 2007

You Know, That Priest In That Town On The Other Side Of The Bridge. You Know, What's-His-Name over in Wherever!

The Rev. Richard Helmer is the Rector of The Church of Our Savior in Mill Valley, California. Even though he writes really deep and serious posts, he is a very funny guy and we had a great time at Epiphany West in January, mocking those who are frightened by the Evil Bloggers. He is also a charter member of the Padre Mickey Posse, much to the chagrin of a certain priest in England, whose name I won't mention (but his initials are Madpriest). I was talking with the Revda. Jan Cazden, a deacon from the Diocese of California (Church of the Trinity, San Francisco) who was visiting San Cristóbal Sunday, and we were doing the Episcopal thang where you name everyone you know in a diocese, but we couldn't remember which church Faddah Richard was at, except that it was on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. As an act of penance, I post the lyrics of an annoying song that was on the radio in the 1970's.

I'm gonna talk about a place that's got a hold on me (Mill Valley)
A little place where life feels very fine and free (Mill Valley)
Where people aren't afraid to smile
And stop and talk to you a while
And you can be as friendly as you want to be (Mill Valley)
Talkin' 'bout Mill Valley, that's my home

It looks as pretty in the rain as in the sun (Mill Valley)
And there's a mountain that belongs to everyone (Mill Valley)
And there are creeks that run on endlessly
And trees as far as you can see
It makes you feel as if your life has just begun (Mill Valley)
Talkin' 'bout Mill Valley
Talkin' 'bout Mill Valley, California, that's my home

I know that there might come a time I'll have to leave Mill Valley
And every memory will seem like make-believe
And all the good things that are mine right now
Will call to me and ask me how
I could have left them all behind
How could I leave Mill Valley
Talkin' 'bout Mill Valley
Talkin' 'bout Mill Valley, California, that's my home

(Copyright 1970 Great Honesty Music)

I hope you all voted for him on that Blogger's Choice Awards, where the Wicked Ones Of Viagraville are presently beating the Dance Party by one vote.


R said...

Padre Mickey,

I'm honored!

Jane R said...

We love you, Richard!

Jane, another old friend and fan

Matty Boy said...

Your penance is reminding me of that song? I'm gonna have to start a So What's So Bad About Donatism, Anyway? topic over on my blog.

Picture me shaking my fist, not unlike Klink would at Hogan.

Grandmère Mimi said...

If only I could register, I'd vote early and often.

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