Monday, May 21, 2007

Separated At Birth?

The Lovely Mona returned with several DVDs, stuff that didn't appear in cineplexes here or stuff that we missed, and stuff that won't show up at the local Blockbuster. Last night we watched Good Night, and Good Luck, which we enjoyed. While reveling in the heart-warming antics of Senator Joseph McCarthy, this idea popped into my head. I realize that it may have already been done. Still.... they certainly have similar attitudes.


Matty Boy said...

Don't forget another squinty eyed Irishman, Pat Buchanan. Compared to other wingnuts, Pat almost sounds sane, and he really hasn't changed that much.

I think there's a good chance that when we finally admit that no good result is possible in Iraq no matter how long we stay, the U.S. is going to pull back its global reach somewhat and have a war on immigrants.

It's getting scary here.

Padre Mickey said...

It's getting scary here
And my lovely wife wants to return and live in that country?

Charlotte said...

I dunno about you, Padre, I've been thinking of "Have you, sir*, _no_ sense of decency?!" a *lot* lately.

I don't watch teevee so don't know who the other guy is.

(*Or "madam". Equal opportunity I guess.)

Padre Mickey said...

Charlotte, that other guy is known here at the Dance Party as Another Grumpy Old White Guy.
I've never seen him on television either, but I've read about the guy.

How are things in Berkeley?

Charlotte said...

Ah. I thought I might be expected to distinguish one Grumpy Old White Guy from another.

Berkeley is quieter now that the students have high-tailed it out of town. It was also about 80 F today - I had some ice cream with the first summer peaches.

But we are going to have a baptism and barbeque potluck party on Pentecost, with hordes of visiting rellies. It will also be Robbin's 25th ordination anniversary.

(I am interviewing for jobs - spare prayers would be appreciated.)

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