Monday, May 14, 2007

This Yesterday Afternoon at St. Christopher's Parish

I tried to post this yesterday after I returned home but my internet connection refused to work due to the rain. I live in a country where it rains eight to nine months of the year, but the rain still closes everything down. Sheesh!

This yesterday afternoon the Senior Choir Guild hosted a program entitled: A Mother's Love. It was a concert featuring our band (which is now known as El Gran Combo de San Cristóbal; we were named by Mr. Percy Thomas, Director of Music and Liturgy at Parroquia San Cristóbal). The Combo is: Mr. Reynaldo Taylor, organist at the 7:30 am service; Mr. Bernado Murray, organist at the 10:30 am service; Mr. Ricardo Staples, drummer at both services, and Revdo. Michael Dresbach, priest at both services and bassist at the 10:30 am service. El Combo was joined by Mr. Alfonso Lewis, an extraordinary musician, on saxophone. We've all done shows together, but this was the first time the Combo backed-up Alfonso.

We opened the program with an invocation by Revdo. Canonigo Luis Cáceres. Mr. Percy Thomas led everyone in a sing-a-long, and the Combo worked as back-up band. Of course, the Senior Choir sang, and we also had several solo acts. Ms. Sadie Taylor, daughter of Reynaldo Taylor, sang two numbers. She has an incredible clear, soprano voice. As always, she brought the house down. She's only 14! She helped me by taking photos when I was busy playing bass, and her work is featured today at the Dance Party. Guillermo Johnson, another incredible musician, played a selection on his trombone (he also sang bass in the choir). He was followed by Ms. Keila Cobham, granddaughter of Mr. Percy Thomas and an amazing singer. She's 16 years-old, and like Sadie, has quite a career ahead of her. Mr. Rupert Neblett, a tenor in the Senior Choir, also soloed. Then El Gran Combo de San Cristóbal performed. We played God Is So Good in several styles, with Alfonso wailing away on the sax. Then we did a medley: Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen/Sing Me Up/Down By The Riverside/Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! Then we did our jazz version of El Señor Nos Ama Hoy and the audience went crazy! Our set continued as we backed-up Alfonso Lewis on Lord, I Lift Your Name On High. Mrs. Lizzie Leigh sang a solo, then a duet with Mrs. Constance Blackman, and then Constance Blackman sang a solo. Lloyd Wilson sang two numbers, and then, el Combo and Mr. Thomas surprised him by having him come up and sing a calypso titled A Mother's Love. This was followed by Mrs. Tania Cole and her son Luís Gabriel dancing Típico. Gabriel has only been an acolyte for a year and is already Master of Ceremonies at the 10:30 am Misa. He is also quite the dancer, as is his mom. Tania is one of my favorite persons. At my installation as Rector of Parroquia San Cristóbal she announced, "Let the kissing begin!" The Choir presented Mrs. Dolores Scotland with a certificate for her 55 years as a member of the choir, and then gave away prizes (There are always prizes at these events). Mrs. Hinds won the prize for oldest mother, as she is 100 years old! Then the Senior Choir, backed up by el Gran Combo, sang their final number and I gave the benediction. All in all, about two and a half hours; quite an afternoon! And you missed it, Lovely Mona!!

So, here are the photos.
Photos by Padre Mickey y Sweet Sadie Taylor

1. Early Arrivals
2. Sing Along
3. Mr. Rupert Jordan, President of the Choir Guild, delivers the Welcome
4. Sadie and Reynaldo Taylor
5. Sadie Taylor
6. Guillermo Johnson
7. Keila Cobham
8. Rupert Neblett
9. The Crowd
10. El Gran Combo con Alfonso Lewis
11. Reynaldo Taylor
12. Ricardo Staples
13. Bernie Murray
14. Padre Mickey
15. People Grooving
16. Lizzie Leigh and Constance Blackman
17. Lloyd Wilson
18. Tania and Gabby Cole
19. Mrs. Hinds, the 100 year-old mother, coming up for her prize


Grandmère Mimi said...

Oh, Padre, that sounds lovely. I wish I could visit for a performance like this. Ahhh.... Too far away.

Luiz Coelho said...

Is the man next to you (on the 2nd pic) wearing pajamas?


John said...

Sure looks like Mothers' Day at San Cristobal to me, Padre!

Padre Mickey said...

Luiz, I'll admit that the first time I saw a man wearing an outfit like that I thought they were pajamas, but it is simply matching shirt and pants, kinda like a suit without a white shirt and tie. It is considered quite stylish here. Look at that photo again and you will notice that my shirt and pants match, too!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Look at that photo again and you will notice that my shirt and pants match, too!

Padre, I dunno. All that black. Looks kinda goth to me.

Ed said...

El Gran Combo! I may have to borrow that :-) Looks like a great fiest, and a sell-out crowd too! Felicitaciones all around.

Dennis said...
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Jane R said...

LOVE the fotos! And Mickey, in those you look a bit like my brother (he's older than I and you're younger I think, but the general look is the same) and like a few of the men in my family -- you sure you're not a nice Jewish boy by ancestry? And your congregants are beautiful. Felicitationes especially to las madres. It looks like a wonderful (and rockin') celebration.
P.S. Hi to the Lovely Mona -- please wave to my Red Sox boys while you are up there.

Padre Mickey said...

Jane R, John Kater calls me "The Generic Ethnic." I am a nice everynationality by ancestry.

Juanuchis said...

Love the fotos, Padre!

"El Gran Combo" reminds me of a joke my Colombian hub and I share. We think a great name for a rock group would be "Los Piso Mojado" (en concierto con "Ropa Sucia").

Well, it's funny to us ...

Padre Mickey said...

"Los Piso Mojados" y "La Ropa Sucia" is funny to me, too!

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