Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Blogroll Expands

Well, it's time to update the Blogroll once again; it seems as if I just did this days ago.

I'm very embarrassed that I have been reading Revdo. Bill Carroll's blog, Anglican Resistance for ages and just realized that it wasn't on the blogroll, so THAT'S been fixed! I'm sure you've all been reading it regularly and faithfully, but just in case you haven't: now's the time to start. Besides being well-written and full of important stuff, it has the best name of any blog around, in my opinion.
I've also added Revda. Jane Ellen's blog, Hoosier Musings in Big Sky Country, a blog I've been checking out on and off for quite a while.

Now we move into the category: "Blogs by people I knew in seminary, or at least I knew their spouses."

We begin with God’s Sled Dog, the blog of my dear friend Revda. Carol Luther. We were in several study groups together and I was always amazed at what she could pull out of a text.
My friend Claire is blogging at Sakura Family with great stories about being a family in Japan.
Next, my buddy Revdo. Kurt Huber is blogging at St. Pete’s Rock. Kurt was always fun and an important member of the Follies bunch and wrote the sequel to the infamous "The Acoltye's Mass" skit, the equally infamous "The Acolyte's Exorcism" skit. Kurt was famous around the campus for wearing short pants no matter how cold we all thought it was. He also married well; his wife, Revda. Ellen, was also a classmate of mine and very funny and very clever. They be one dangerous clergy couple!
Revdo. Aron Kramer was at seminary the same time as I was, but he hung out with that bunch that were always watching South Park and stuff. He is posting at The Vicar’s Page. He is another example of marrying well (so many of us men marry up); his wife, Sara McGinley, is a great writer and has a wonderful post at the Episcopal Café.
Our final addition in this category is Revdo. James Tramel's blog Walking the Dark Country. I don't know Fr. James, but I know about him and kept up on his story. I do know his wife, Stephanie, who was another classmate of mine in Seminary. Yes, those were the Glory Years for the Church Divinity School of the Pacific.

Finally, the Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito crowd (who are on strike, so I'm really pushing it by listening to them at all) insist that everyone be informed that Janis's pets and pet-toys have started their own blog, Still Life With Squeaky Toy.

As always, Padre says, "Check 'em out!"


Bill Carroll said...

Thanks for the link, Padre, and the kind words.

Rev. Kurt said...

Gracias Padre!

I have the Book of Extremely Occasional Services lying around my computer somewhere...

Off to Vermont!

Jane Ellen+ said...

Gracias, Padre!

Spurred by your good example, I have also given my blogroll a long overdue overhaul. Of course you'll find your Dance Party there; I do enjoy my visits!

Juanuchis said...

The Boys thank you for the shout-out Padre!

Of course, they have informed me that I must nick the foto of Srta. Wiggletail...

Juanuchis said...

Strange, I tried posting and the post got raptured...

Again, Padre, thanks for the shout-out for my Boys' blog! Of course, they've informed me that I must nick the foto of Srta. Wiggletail.

Juanuchis said...

(Oh, duh. You're moderating. Sorry Padre. Me pongo roja.)

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